LONN dev update #1: Official Trailer and Wishlist Launch

In this dev update, we delve deeper into the official trailer and steam page.

Official Trailer

We hope you enjoyed the official trailer for LONN! Over the past few years we’ve stepped away from social media and have been working hard in silence on LONN. We didn’t want to announce anything until we were happy and confident with the game, this is such a major step for our team and we’re so excited to share this with you.

Every shot of the trailer is in-game footage captured using our spectator camera mode. In the trailer you would have seen many new locations, Strat Bank, Apartment, The Hideout, Facility, The Lab and many more. During the development of Lonn we’ve worked hard to create immersive levels that feel open while having a linear structure. You could say wide linear with player freedom and choice of how you overcome each gameplay scenario. The core gameplay challenges you’ll encounter are combat, platforming/parkour and puzzles.

Kinesis Physics System

We aren’t getting into too many technical details in this dev update however we did want to briefly discuss the Kinesis Physics System. From the start we knew for LONN we wanted to have core systems that allowed for player freedom in a virtual world. We didn’t want your hands to go through walls, for enemies to only be interacted with in one way or for exploration to be teleport based while looking around.

We’ve worked incredibly hard to have a core system built on physics for the player, enemies, world and objects in the world. This allows all of these gameplay systems to connect and work together so objects affect the player and enemy. If you run into an enemy and see an object in the world try throw it or hit them with it. If you see a fence with a lock try climb over it if you don’t have a weapon to break it. Run out of ammo with the rifle? Grab it with both hands, knock your enemy to the ground and finish them off. These are simple but fun examples that grow into more complex gameplay scenarios.

The Kinesis Physics System is what we call the underlying system that links all of our gameplay together. Player Character, AI, Environment Interactions, Objects.

With this core each level is extremely fun to play around in with the parkour movement and climbing. You can mess around for ages in each space while playing the campaign and experiencing the story.

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into LONN

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